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We are genuine dog lovers and have rich experience taking care of pets. We understand their needs and bring them out daily for walks at the park. We also encourage dogs to socialise and play to stimulate their minds while you are away. Our approach is to treat your dogs like we do ours. We are familiar with the signs of an unwell dog and can sent  him to the vet. This is our full time job and hence can send you several updates daily.  If you need a reliable petsitter that also offers transport, please look for us. Do also check out our reviews if its your first time hearing us. Not all dogs are suitable in a cage-free environment, hence we need to conduct a temperament test prior to coming. Please see terms and conditions before registering.


This is the first time I had kept my much loved maltipoo at a boarding and I was apprehensive to say the least . However my dog was well taken care of and CQ kept us updated with Harvey’s sleep , eating and play activities regularly . Harvey has come back as happier and more social dog � now I’m rest assured of leaving Harvey the next time I’m out of town . Thanks CQ and team !
Anisha Bonsor
I went away for more than a month and leaving a puppy to someone for such long time really worried me. However, my puppy returned to me fitter than before and he is in great shape. CQ always sent me daily pictures of him exercising, playing and sleeping and other pictures on demand and it was such a relief knowing him getting everything he needed. I was so grateful for their full attention. Their service is strongly recommended and I will definitely use them again. My only concern is that the secret goes out then there will be no more space for Cooper in the future!
Judy Jungbin Nam
We boarded our dog Toby, with dogs on board, for 9 days post his quarantine as we have bringing him in from malaysia and CQ did a wonderful job in caring for Toby. We will definitely use DOB again!!!
Ramesh Jackson
We had a brilliant experience with Dogs on Board. Polo was really well looked after. I really love the pick up and drop off service and the daily updates.
Jo Richards
Our Singapore Special puppy, Rocco, has been with us for only 4 months, and we were naturally quite anxious about leaving him with a dog boarding house while we were away for a few days. We visited a couple of dog boarding houses, and it was without hesitation that we selected DOB. The main reason was the pre-boarding process we had with CQ. We were impressed that CQ was very diligent in assessing the suitability of DOB for Rocco, and he was very patient and detailed in explaining how the entire boarding process, such as feeding frequency, walking time, would go. During the few days that Rocco was at the boarding house, we received regular updates on Rocco’s activities and well-being. The updates showing Rocco at play with other dogs, eating and walking completely put our anxieties to rest. The pre-boarding process gave us a lot of assurances, and we were absolutely glad that we selected DOB when we receive the regular updates during Rocco’s stay there. There is almost nothing to complain about. CQ called us to make sure that Rocco was doing fine after we have brought him home; that was really appreciated. We are making another overseas trip in January 2018, and we would be lodging Rocco at DOB; we know that Rocco would be well taken care there. We know that there are anxieties when you lodge your pet at a boarding house for the first time (we have just gone through that process), and I will advise you to call CQ, visit DOB, and see for yourself.
Olesya Belyanina
I can’t thank CQ and Elaine enough for their love and care of our dog, Rey, every time we left Singapore on holiday. We could relax knowing she was being looked after as if she was theirs. She enjoyed her time there and always came home fit and healthy. I highly recommend them if you want a safe haven for your dog while you are away from Singapore. CQ is Singapore’s greatest dog walker! Rey will miss CQ’s dog walks so much! Biggest thank you!
Jennifer Montagu Cook
I’ve been looking around for a boarding place for Yuki during my 2 weeks vacation and decided to go with DOB after seeing how CQ was able to manage both Yuki and the other doggies professionally. Daily updates where prompt and I can see how much Yuki has enjoyed his vacation! Kudos to CQ and team for taking such good care of my boy during this period. Highly recommend!
Andrea Lim
This is our chow's first time boarding and we weren't sure how it would turn out, but she seems to have enjoyed her stay there! There were daily video and photo updates which kept our minds at ease during our time overseas. Area is nice and spacious. Takes good care of your furkid and is passionate about what they do. Recommended!
Tango Tang Hee Ling
Wong Chelsea
Clean and cosy environment. Gentle and caring couple who gave us daily updates with photos and videos of our dog. Great that they were willing to accommodate her special diet and didn't mind her puking in their car too! Appreciate their efforts and highly recommend Dogs on Board to anyone looking for a safe boarding place for their pets.
Adeline Lee
We were looking for a place for our pomenrian Last minute and thankfully DOB accepted our request. Our dog had most fun playing while we were away for a short holiday. There are constant update of video and photos which enable us to know that "He" had been enjoying too.
Janice Lim
My husband and i are planning to go on holiday and we are trying to find a nice pet boarding for our pug 'gucci'. As we are searching the net we found the dogs on board website. Because its the first time we are going to leave our pug dog behind, we ask a lot of questions on what our dog will do during its stay there. Im happy to say that during our holiday, she also enjoyed her holiday as well. She made a lot of friends and she had fun. I realized that she adored not only the company of humans but other dogs as well. She so enjoyed her holiday that by the time she reaches our place all she wanted to do is sleep and rest. A sign of a great enjoyment in the company of humans and other pets. Kudos for a job well done to dogs on board owners. My dog relishes her stay there. Till next holiday ���
Fidel Jr Parayaoan
Dear DOB Team,Thank you for looking after our two rascals when we were away for a week and for the regular updating on their daily activities. Travelling was so much more enjoyable knowing that the two were in professional and loving hands for the time being. For Toffee the ice was already broken, when he was allowed to sit in the passenger seat on the way to the kennel ;), and we were so relieved to see that they ate well, had very good exercise every day, and also time to chill out and play with the other dogs. On their return, we could immediately see that both had been well looked after and had a great dog holiday. We will definitely trust CQ and his team with our doggies again and are already looking forward to our next vacation (and the dogs might do so, too :)).
Sandra Kittelmann
CQ took care of zola(corgi) very well and always provide updates of his walks and his new found paw friends! Zola seems to socialise better now too. I will certainly send zola there again if we are not around. Cheers
KD Tioh
My Corgi went in for boarding for 2 weeks. She's not very sociable towards big dogs and some other breeds but the crew at Dogs on Board made sure that she was well integrated. Love it that CQ takes time to know the dog he's dealing with and took care of her really well. Highly recommended and will be returning in the future.
Terence Yeo
We left our two golden retriever 10 days during Christmas Holidays and it has been a great experience for them and for us. Great service, availability, pictures & videos sent to us everyday with dogs having walk and fun! Not sure they were so eager to be back home!
Cedric Retailleau
These guys are awsome. We left our dog with them for a couple of months and they were in constant contact with video and chat. Absolutely the best service I've had anywhere recently. Highly recommended.
Jason Krueger
Dogs on Board had our dog for over a month. He was well cared and seemed to have a good time socialising with all the other dogs. The updates videos and photos were great and kept us informed. We recommend this place to others who need boarding facilities�
Cassey See
One of my fellow bulldog friend recommended DOB to me. It was a great experience! I am a � pawrent and CQ takes extra care to send me videos and photos and reassures me constantly about Mochi. He ensures she plays well, walks well and gets enough mental stimulation and love from both himself and Elayne. The living area is communal but also a home to the owners of DOB - this was one aspect I find important because if anything happens in the middle of the night, at least I know there's someone there. The dogs at DOB are all very friendly and playful - which Mochi loves! Also Mochi walks better and tugs less ever since her boarding at DOB! Yay! All in all, very pleased with our experience and will recommend this boarding house to anyone looking for personalised care. They only take up to a certain number of dogs so that they can ensure quality care to each of them. Thanks CQ & Elayne! �
Elaine Tan
We discovered DOB through researching online as we needed to change our German Shepherd's arrangements from the current one which we are not satisfied and comfortable with. Finding Elayne and Chengqian was a great blessing as we are assured that our GSD gets the proper exercise and socialization he needs whenever we are away. Every vacation and trips outside Singapore are finally worry-free now that Kendo can have his vacation with them every time!
Rowena Macs
My dog Jordan had been boarding with DOB every time when i am travelling.My biggest impression was the background music that was playing when i first visit.Thereafter was the care that given to Jordan.Videos of Jordan was forward to me few times a day.The interaction of the dogs and the daily morning walk were great too.���
Jackie Soon
Lena Cheong-Jones
CQ and Elayne are very experienced in handling and understanding dogs. Pudding boarded with them for 12 days recently, and she came back to us happier, friendlier, and most importantly, in good shape! We were reassured by their daily updates and definitely recommend DoB to other pawrents!
Andrew Woo
Our pup was beautifully cared for. Daily updates of walks and park playing. They even have jazz playing in the dog den! Highly recommend.
Mikaela Britt
We boarded Ruby with these lovely people and it's the 1st time she has come home without losing weight! The updates were awesome and Ruby looked like she had a blast!! She came back so happy!! I would highly recommend Dogs on Board!! Many many thanks, look forward to seeing you again soon!!
Jess Wild
Thumbs up for DOB! We had a 11 month old dachshund for board and train program with Elayne and CQ for about 2.5 weeks and was constantly updated with photos and videos of her training and socializing with other dogs daily. Elayne is also very accommodating to some of our additional request. We know Ellie has truly enjoyed her stay at DOB. After the board and train program, Elayne continued to stay in touch with us to check on how Ellie was doing at home. We would highly recommend DOB to all pawrents out there looking for a caring, clean and trustworthy boarding place.
Rachel Tan
Approached CQ and Elayne after I had to travel out of town urgently and a friend referred me to them. They took him in even though it was last minute, but not before asking all the right questions, checking his temperament and ensuring that he settled in well with the other dogs and the new environment. We received videos each day to let us know he was doing ok and that really provided a lot of assurance. So thankful to find folks whom I can entrust my precious furball to.
Bibiana Koh
We really love the daily updates from DOB & keep waiting during our holidays! We're glad we did the right choice to choose DOB & happy they didn't reject Coco coz of her skin issue 🙂 Coco is happy with the stay. Thanks so much to Elayne & CQ! 🙂
Robin Tan
Thank you for taking such good care of Fei Fei during his 16 days of staycation. Daily updates of photos and videos really took a load off our mind, knowing that our boy was having much fun during his stay at DOB. Clean, spacious and pleasant environment is a BIG plus. Highly recommended to all!!
Jeslyn Chee
As we don't have a helper anymore, Elane aka DOB was introduced to us by our neighbor. We left our 12y old mongrel Musashi with DOB for 10 days when we went on leave.. and he had a blast.. we received Whatsapp messages every day about how Musashi is doing, how he eats and plays and some videos to make us miss him even more 🙂 DOB really does a great job ensuring that all the doggies feel well and come home fit and freshly showered after the staycation!!!Thanks a lot DOB - great service!!!
Roger Wettstein
I am so satisfied with the service. I had Missy stay with DOB for a week while my family was away on holidays. Received video and photo updates everyday from Elayne and CQ and those were the times where I looked forward to the most while away. Missy was very well cared for, had plenty of exercise everyday and you could see how happy she was in the videos. Elayne and CQ definitely kept me updated, so I would board Missy with them again.
Debbie Chia
Lele was well taken care of during her stay. From the daily updates, I noticed they brought her to different places for daily walks, which Lele enjoys it. I raised my concern that she did not pee or poop during her day care cus she's not used it to do it with other dogs around so during her stay they take note of it and tried ways to make her pee and poop, with constant updates. I like that they sent constant msg to check on her even when she's back.I would like to thank CQ and Elayne for their excellent service. Will definitely go back to DOB.
Esther Chin
My dog was very well taken care of during his stay there. I like the fact that they would bring the dogs out for walk everyday, and they are allowed to roam freely and not cage up all day. Most importantly they would send photos and videos updates to me everyday. Thank you Elayne and CQ for the great service.
Clarinda Kem
Thanks heaps for a job well done!
Jasmine Ho
Had to send 囧 (Pug Puppy) for a 10 days stay-cation with Elayne and CQ because of my travels. I remembered the moment 囧 was pick up, she immediately found a good mate to play with (a boston terrier). The daily updates from Elayne and CQ is way better than any CCTV camera. Why? 1) Amazing videos of the morning walks2) some of the funniest videos of 囧 at her most playful self. 3) The most beautiful photos of 囧. Thanks Elayne and CQ for taking care of her. As Arnold will put it: 囧'll be BACK. 🙂
Edwin Chiataklinski
I wish there are more stars option given !! We have never feel so at ease while we travel, having our Shiba Inu, moomin with Elayne and CQ, i am sure she feels that she was on vocation too ! We get lots of video updates daily, better than those i try to take for her. When moomin returns home after 5 nights stay with DOB, i think she misses Elayne and CQ, probably also the rest of her new friends! Those time where i failed to get a space with DOB, i remember couldn't enjoy my holiday thoroughly, not knowing if moomin is well taken care of, but with DOB, no worries at all, i have total trust in them, bravo !!
Cabie Sim
Elayne and the team at Dogs on Board are superb. The services they offer are industry leading. Three things drive this: 1) excellent communication, 2) effectiveness, and 3) convenience. My wife and I wanted to make sure we were getting the best obedience training possible for our new pup, a Chocolate Lab mix named Wonka. Elayne walked us through the training Wonka would undergo at our pre-meeting in clear manner that set our expectations, and established a clear trust in how Wonka would be treated, and how he would be trained. During Wonka's 10-day overnight training Elayne and her team supplied us with regular updates on Wonka's training and activities throughout each day. He was fully engaged, as were we. After Wonka's training concluded Elayne has been great at continuing to engage us to help us do the right things to make sure Wonka's training sticks.That training is sticking, which allows me to declare that the methods Elayne and team use are effective. Wonka's behaving like a gentleman. He is a pleasure to have around the house, and he well behaved both in and out of the home.The work required of me and my wife has been minimal. The process has been convenient. Dogs on Board picked up Wonka at our door for his training and they dropped him off at our door after his trained came to a close. Making payment was a breeze as well.It gives me great pleasure to give DoB 5 Stars. I'd recommended it to all dog owners out there who want the best for their best friends.
Michael Patrick Martin
DoB is a godsend. We left Whisky with them and it was obvious he had a blast of a staycation while we had our holiday. Elaine and CQ were the best! The daily updates made us feel so connected to our boy and we looked forward to them everyday! The boarding premises was homey and we loved the vintage tiles and bright, airy spaces, inside and outside. Whisky fell in love and made many many friends. We don't know what we would have done if we hadn't found DoB. Luff luff luff luff luff!!!!!! 10 stars out of 5!!!!
Katherine Chew
I will definitely give more than 5 stars for Dogs On Board for doing a splendid job. Dog owners like us are very reluctant to bring our dear furkid to any of the Dog Hotel. We consider budget, comfort, well being of our dear. CQ and Elayne were able to provide us the detailed activities of our dear Joaquin. Our worries on the first day was replaced by relief by all the photos and videos sent to us. After the 5 day stay of Joaquin on DOB, he came back with us without any injuries. We will surely not have a second thought in bringing Joaquin back to DOB should the need arise. Double salute to CQ and Elayne.... it is not just a profession but it is a devotion...
Lynne Rlene
We left our Lab Lola with Elayne & CQ for 3 weeks this summer and loved receiving the daily updates of her "staycation". And it truly was a vacation for her as she saw more of Singapore than she ever has and we could put together a great photo album of her and her new friends! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dogs On Board.
Karen Page
I cannot thank Elayne enough ! Our Tootsie has stayed three times now... we receive videos and messages every day without fail. I can see how happy Tootsie is, and enjoying her walks at different locations all over Singapore. We see her playing happily with other furkids and also running and catching balls with Elayne. Tootsie has allergies and requires medication daily, she can become very ill very fast. Elayne takes exceptional care with her, and she always returns home 100% healthy and 100% happy and calm. I have done so much research, I believe Dogs on Board is the BEST place in Singapore. Outstanding care, outstanding hygiene, contactable and responsive at all times and I can rest assured that Tootsie receives the individual attention she needs. Thank you so much !!!!
Penny Munro
Thank You Elayne and CQ for your patience for my 2 naughty Labradors that's really difficult to handle. We haven't been wanting to travel because we couldn't find a reliable pet sitter like Dogs On Board. With the constant updates of my dogs behaviour thru videos and pictures by them We could travel at a peace of mind. Really appreciate how you stayed up to make Kiwi sleep like a baby during the first few nights when he's feeling insecure without us. Love the clean space you have in doors and outdoors for the dogs and of cos the therapeutic music for the dogs. Thanks for the pick up and drop off service too, that helps a lot on our tight schedule before and after travel. Our favourite shot is the blue background shot before their shower ! They smell nice and soft when they're back ! We couldn't thank you enough for the great effort ! Hope to see you again soon !
Jazz Kee
We felt confident leaving Scout with Dogs on Board, as he was always very happy upon visiting. Recently, he was there for 17 days when we were away for a long trip. We were happy to receive twice daily photos and videos of him out on walks or playing. We think the company of other dogs and the good care from DOB made him calmer and more balanced.
Chan Yeow
We were very happy with the care that Carrie received while staying with Elayne and CQ from 19 to 27 March. Elayne demonstrated her professional knowledge and assured us that Carrie would be well taken care of. The videos of Carrie during her stay were very much appreciated and we were expecting just 1-2 snippets but got at least 5 videos of Carrie socialising and on walks! We would definitely recommend DOB and board Carrie with Elayne and CQ again. =)
Word Meistero
I was very concerned about where I could put my 9 month young GR pup Ashley at while I was away, as she has separation anxiety. Thanks to her trainer's recommendation I found DOB. I get 3 - 4 videos and photos a day on her progress. She simply enjoyed all the long walks at parks island wide that she had never been to. Now back at home I can see she misses her many buddies there whom she could "wrestle" with. She seems to have forgotten mummy! The place was clean and spacious enough for the residents. There was even an option of them bringing Ashley to her own home (in case she couldn't adjust) and to bring her out for walks and feed her...but thank goodness this backup plan need not be triggered 🙂 Thanks Elayne et al for accommodating my little terror!
Gaik Looi
Really pleased with the regular communication & care shown by Elayne whilst our Border Collie was awaiting export to our home country .. We appreciated the video updates , regular walks & playtime in a dog friendly environment .We will further recommend Dogs on Board to friends who may be looking peace of mind whilst on their annual vacation. Thank you Elayne , keep up the great service .......
Darrin Stewart
Time is not on my side as my trip was getting nearer & desperately required to put my dog for boarding. I was introduced to DOB. Elayne was able to sense my worries about my dog adapting to a different environment. During the overseas period, she sent frequent updates me. Deeply appreciated & very satisfied of her services. Will definitely recommend to my friends!!
Angeline Pang
Can't thank Elayne and CQ enough for taking in Whisky Boy within such short notice. They were the first to my mind, and it was so relieving to know through their daily updates that our boy was enjoying himself at Dogs On Board. Certainly highly recommended!
Melinda Toh-Ng
Definitely recommend (already did actually) Elayne to everyone out there looking for a reliable and trusted boarding home for your dogs! Ah boy and Grover were so well cared for and the daily updates of videos helped ease off my anxiety, it being the first time they were away from home. Clean and nice environment, great long walks and tremendous amount of love and care! Thanks Elayne, and your helper too!
Lim Kerry
It was the first time we have Goofy with DOB and we are very sure we will come back again when we are on vacation next time! really appreciated the daily updates and almost feel like Goofy is on vacation as well!! Could really feel that Elayne and CQ put in their TLC for Goofy and not just a service. We were in fact looking to DOB's daily update each day during our vacation. Definitely a 5 star and a gem which i will strongly recommend if you are looking for a safe and cosy place to put your furkid with while on vacation.
Phanchitha MO
Second time having a very very satisfied experience with Clover's boarding with Elayne and CQ. At least two walks and multiple pictures and videos sent to me throughout the day. Clean place and pleasant environment. Dogs will be happy and parents defintely will be glad their dogs are in good hands!
Sharon Tan
Thanks, Elayne, for taking such good care of Abby! First time boarding our doxie and was glad that it's a positive experience. Abby is quite a timid girl and you took great care to make sure she felt at home, from feeding to walks in the parks. Thanks for all the videos, too! A big plus is definitely your clean, spacious compound for doggies to roam freely but safely.
Michelle Yong
entrusted our 13 yr old rottie to DOB on several occasions; the service quality is excellent and consistent; Elayne is not only professional but personable; highly recommended!
Vicky Shiang
It was my first experience sending Polar (11 month old spitz) for boarding and I am so glad we sent him to Elayne. She was very caring and updated us daily on his progress with photos and vids of various activities. Polar gets to walk at different parks daily, and had so much fun with all the other playmates in the facility. Elayne was so good with Polar that we sent him in again just a few days later for her to care for him while we were away again. Polar had so much fun that he was actually a little sad to come home!Will definitely recommend Elayne to anyone whom wants to have a peace of mind about their fur kid when they are away. Thank you Elayne for taking such good care of Polar!
April Tan
More than satisfied with Elayne and CQ's utmost care and love for our furkid! Left our frenchie pup with them for 2.5 weeks while we were in Italy, and received multiple updates (in the form of videos and photos) every single day without fail. They will make sure our Mochi is relaxed and happy at the doggy hotel, by socializing her with many dogs and bringing them to many different parks for walks. It's now Mochi's home away from home!
June Low
Thank you, DOB, for taking great care of my pooch when I went away. The daily doses of videos and photos of my old boy sure eased my separation anxiety 🙂
Cass Fong
Elayne did a great job taking care of Charlie our 6 mths puppy while we were away... We were updated regularly on his activities and could see that he had a ball of a time with dogs on board. Thanks Elayne for a fantastic experience !
Serene Cai
We like to thank Elayne and husband for doing a great job in taking care of Tammy during her 3 weeks staycation during our overseas trip. Everyday without fail, Elayne and her husband will send us videos and photos of Tammy via whatsapp to update us on her stay. This makes us feel very comfortable to know that Tammy is in safe hands under their care and hence could enjoy our trip to the most without any worry. They also brought Tammy to walk twice daily at interesting pet safe places in Singapore...which we ourselves have not thought of. With them, Tammy has also become healthier and fit..even losing all her excess fats :)In DOB, Tammy also got to mix around and play with many doggy friends..and never get lonely than when being kept alone at home. Elayne is well trained, knowledgeable and is passionate in caring for Tammy and other dogs. They also kept their home very clean, neat and safe for the dogs.With Elayne and her husband, we know that Tammy is in safe hands and will not hesitate to put Tammy with them for subsequent trips. DOB is greatly recommended!
James Teo
Great job by Elayne and team for taking such good care of Bosco for one week when we were overseas! This is the first time Bosco is away from home and he is definitely not easy to handle with high separation anxiety. The photos and videos sent to us everyday gave us much comfort when we were on holiday. Bosco was very lucky to go to so many different places everyday for walks. Prices for boarding is definitely worth it with the love and attention given to each dog. Would definitely recommend Dogs On Board to anyone who would want their dogs to be at a home away from home!
Alvin Wong
I am so happy that I found Dogs on Board. After trying a few other places, it was such a relief to find somewhere that truly cares about the dogs. The facility is clean, spacious, and smells great. It's a home like environment, which was very important to me. DOB provides excellent communication, with pics and videos of what your dog is up to everyday! I completely trust that my dog is safe, and having fun when he is with DOB.
Michelle Clemence Meeks
Thank you DOB and Elayne for being patient and understanding with our 'difficult' furkid, we'll certainly recommend this place to others.
Dennis Siau
i have nothing but positive reviews for DOB and elayne. Not only did she took in ebi for boarding in a very short notice, she also took good care of her along with constant updates and videos. Thank you for giving me the assurance ebi is in gd hands 🙂
Jocelyn Yap
Weiming Kwok
Our dog had a great time, made a lots of new friend,and was well taken care of.Video and photo updates were great 🙂
Sally Kubo
Chew SK
Trissie Tingting

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