Dog Daycare

Is your dog under-engaged or bored? Our dog daycare service includes outings, indoor play in air-conditioned environment and regular updates. We encourage dogs to play and practice good social skills. Its also a great way to introduce them to new experiences!

After a daycare session, your dog will be a tired and happy. A tired dog is an angel at home!  Let us engage your dog when you are too busy to do so.

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Pick-up time: 6.30 – 8.00am

We usually bring dogs to the park or dog run for exercise, a walk or just sniffing around.

Program for the day will vary depending on the weather, field conditions, age and health of the dogs.

When the weather is hot or raining, they will play indoors in air-conditioned environment.

Send-back time: 4.00 – 5.30pm

Please also see the Rules for our services. You are required to acknowledge these rules before registration.

Additional charges $10 may apply for locations outside of 15km radius. Please check with us.

Dog Daycare Price

(Prices are inclusive of transport)