Waiver of Liability

We recommend boarding your dog only if necessary as there are inherent risks in boarding your dogs with other dogs in a cage-free environment. Other alternatives include getting a family member to help take care of your dog or getting a house sitter to come and visit. There also pet hotels that offer individual suits/cages.

 In this section, we detail the possible risks for your assessment and also discuss our responsibilities. 

It will be good new for for you to know that we will not hold customers liable for bites, falls, diseases, injuries caused by their dogs to our handlers as well as property damage.

If you like to engage our services, you will be required to fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Signing a waiver of liability doesn’t mean that we will do our job lesser, it just means that you understand the risks involved and make a more informed decision. The risks that are stated here are risks that can happen at any boarding facility. We will also be able to do our job better knowing you have our back when accidents events happen.

Risks of Boarding your DoG (this list is not exhaustive)

Our responsibilities

Owner's responsibilities

Waiver of Liability

This form needs to be re-submitted annually.