Should I neuter my dog?

Should I neuter my dog?

Should I neuter my dog?

The main considerations would be behavioural reasons and health reasons. A small factor of costs come into play due to cheaper licensing for neutered dogs but the difference in amount is not significant for most people. For un-neutered dogs which do not exhibit any undesirable behaviours, the decision to neuter is only for health reasons to reduce chances of potential tumours, hernia and prostate problems.

Pros of neutering: Less undesirable behaviors

Dogs that often get into scuffles tend to be the un-neutered dogs because of higher testosterone. It is natural behaviour for un-neutered male dogs to establish their hierarchy in the wild. Some un-neutered dogs are not dominant by nature, but when there is another un-neutered dog around, they tend to get challenged by other un-neutered dogs. Dog scuffles cause a lot of stress for owners and they often do not enjoy their time at the dog parks and dog cafes because they need to be on heightened alert. Many dog owners subconsciously find less joy in bringing their un-neutered dogs to social events and hence their dogs miss out on socialising.

We have also observed that dogs that exhibit hyper-sexual behaviour (humping, excessive licking and smelling of other dogs privates and pee spots) are mostly un-neutered male dogs. Not all un-neutered dogs have this problem, but those that do so have a higher risk of getting diseases and sickness that are spread through urine.

Dogs that have gone through neutering are less dominant and have less urge to exhibit undesirable behaviours like humping, marking and aggression. They will still maintain their personalities, so if they are playful and fun by nature, they will still be that without being dominant. The play between un-neutered dogs should not end up in scuffles if they have no other behavioural issues.

In terms of training for obedience, a neutered dog will be easier to train because he will have a better focus on the owner.

Neutered dogs usually interact with other dogs well in a social environment because dogs are social animals by nature. Owners of neutered dogs tend to have a better experience when socialising with other dog owners and hence they bring their dogs out more.

It is commonly agreed that dogs that have poor genetics like poor structure or allergies should be neutered to prevent breeding.


Cons of Neutering

Some dog owners do not neuter their dogs because they want to breed the dog. This is a valid consideration but the emotional attachment of keeping the dog un-neutered becomes stronger as time passes. The emotional attachment is common in men who compare themselves to their dogs going for the neutering procedure.

Vets often advise neutering after maturity, usually 7 months to 1 year, to ensure the full and complete development of the dog. This is important for dogs that are experiencing slow growth because neutering before full development may cause a dog to not be developed as fully.


Other considerations

Our opinion is that if the undesirable behaviours affect the quality of life for you and your dog, then you should fix him. You should also consider so if you travel frequently and leave him in social environments like pet hotels or with relatives so that you don’t have to worry so much. If you don’t require your dog to be in a social environment, there is probably no need to neuter him unless you want to reduce the potential risk of certain¬†tumours, hernia and prostate problems.