Dog Home Boarding Service For Your Dog

Dog Home Boarding Service For Your Dog

If you are planning to drop your dog at some pet hotel to manage your long – term vacation, then it is necessary to ensure that, whether the pet hotel has a homely atmosphere or not? Nowadays a number of pet hotels are offering boarding services in Singapore. But every service provider is not reliable. It has been observed that some pet hotels assure a comfortable living for the pets, but they do not care about the pets.

The health and mental condition of the dogs are greatly – affected because of such unhealthy atmosphere. Thus, it is very important to check the atmosphere of the pet hotel, before leaving the dog. Here, we have described some necessary tips, which will help you to determine, whether the atmosphere of the pet hotel is suitable for the dogs or not?

  1. Check the accommodation facilities –

Being an owner, you need to assure that your dog will be treated properly, as you are paying the money for it. So, first check out the accommodation area, where your dog will be kept. It has been observed that the reputed pet hotels in Singapore offer separate kennels to the dogs, upon special request of the owners. The dormitory facilities for dogs are also available at the pet hotels. It depends on you how you want to keep your dog. Before deciding anything, properly check the hygienic and spacious conditions at the pet hotels.

  1. Ensure experienced caretakers –

Basically, it is the responsibility of the caretakers, to take proper care of the dogs. The reputed pet hotels in Singapore, have hired the best caretakers in order to ensure a homely environment for the dogs. The experienced caretakers can understand the needs of the dogs and accordingly offer them necessary stuff and services. If the caretakers are not cooperative, then it will be pretty difficult for the dog, to cope with the surrounding at the pet hotel.

  1. Proper nutrition and sanitation –

An owner perfectly knows when the dog is hungry and when the dog wants to go for a potty. The owner can explain about the food habits and potty schedules of the dogs, to the caretakers. The reputed pet hotels highly take – care of these things in order to ensure good health of the dogs. In order to ensure a hygienic sanitation, the dogs are properly cleaned after every loo.

  1. Cage – free environment –

A number of dogs will be residing in the hotel, and for proper socialization of the dogs, the reputed pet hotels ensure a cage – free environment. There is no issue in such environment, as the caretakers will be guiding every dog. Again, the entire premise is under CCTV surveillance. Thus, with such a cage – free environment, a peaceful and happy mind of the dogs is greatly ensured.

If all the above facts are fulfilled, then you can efficiently admit your dog at the pet hotel.

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