Dog Boarding Rules

Check-in/out timings: 11am – 5pm, exceptions allowed on a case-by-case basis

Mandatory Rules and Regulations

  • Your dog has to be updated with annual vaccination and kennel cough vaccination.
  • Your dog has to come for a temperament test prior to his daycare/boarding.
  • Your dog has to be neutered/spayed. We only accept un-neutered/un-spayed dogs if they are less than 12 months/due to health considerations.
  • Your dog has to be on anti-flea prevention. If you are not able to apply, we provide Front line anti Flea prevention at $15 per applicator.
  • Extra charges will apply if the pick up timings are not adhered to.


  • Dogs On Board is not liable for any passing on of mature dogs on our premises due to old age or existing medical conditions.